1. DVD: To help yoga practitioners to correctly perform the different yoga āsana-s, prānāyāma-s, mudrā-s kriyā-s, bandha-s, etc., Taksha Institute has produced a 3-disk DVD set of Dr. Dilip Sarkar’s presentation of 42 āsana-s, in a systematic manner, 10 prānāyāma-s, 13 mudrā-s, 3 bandha-s, and description of kriyā-s, acupressure, and 7 chakrā-s, and their health benefits. The DVD is available at
  2. Book: Yoga and Ecology, by Christopher Key Chapple, Ph.D. , Loyola Marymount University, (2009) ISBN 978-0-937-53-9, 215 pages, It is available at

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