Mission Statement

To serve as a source of knowledge and information for increasing awareness about the philosophy and practice of yoga and yoga therapy for the health and well-being of all.


The primary objective of the Yoga Setu Newsletter is to facilitate communication between and among yoga and health experts, as well as educators, trainers, and enthusiasts, for the dissemination of information on the philosophy and practice of yoga therapy for health and healing of body, mind, emotions and consciousness, as a (w)holistic approach. The secondary objective is to provide information on 1) past, current, and upcoming yoga-related events, locally in Virginia, and globally; and 2) research on topics of interest to the yoga community. The tertiary objective is to provide a vehicle for yoga communities on the Virginia Peninsula and in Virginia Tidewater and elsewhere, to share their learning experiences, thoughts, joys and fears, and visions of perfect health.

YSN Editorial Board

Abha Gupta, Ph.D., Editor

Dilip K. Sarkar, M.D., F.A.C.S., CAP, Co-editor

Adarsh Deepak, Ph.D., Co-editor & Managing Editor

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