YOGA AND AYURVEDA INSIGHTS – Discovering Doshas (from O Magazine)

Discovering Doshas

(YSN Vol. 1, No. 1 – Nov. 2013)
One’s natural constitution, or dosha, might be vata, pitta, or kapha, though everyone’s body includes elements of all three. The dominant one determines everything, from skin type to energy level and healthy balance of life practices that support your dosha is critical to achieve optimum wellness. In “Balancing Act,” an article published in O Magazine (date), Megan Deem describes her journey to increased energy, radiant skin, and better breathing as a result of learning about her personal dosha imbalance and taking the steps to realignment.

According to Deepak Chopra, the three unique constitutional elements and their lifestyle prescriptions can be described as follows:

VATA – thin, lively, agile, inquisitive, restless or anxious under stress

Prescription: music and yoga practice, heavy fruits (bananas, avocados), and routines can lend a calming influence

PITTA – fiery, intellectual, witty, muscular, and with strong appetite, prone to indigestion, excessive body heat and may have a short temper

Prescription: cooling foods and activities, such as melons, cucumbers, walks in natural surroundings, avoiding arguments and alcohol

KAPHA – calm, cool, thoughtful, steady, resistant to change and prone to gain weight

Prescription: new experiences, exercise, warmth and dryness in the home, avoidance of naps and dairy products

To read more about Megan’s journey, see “Balancing Act,” O Magazine, February 2014, p. 118.

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