Yoga Each Day Keeps Sickness at Bay

Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice

(YSN Vol. 4, No. 1 – Jan. 2016)

[Adapted from “The New Science on the health benefits of Yoga,” by Cristina Goyanes, Huffpost Healthy Living, July 24, 2015]

Practicing Yoga routinely, every day, can bring about many beneficial changes in your lifestyle. Ask Taksha’s own Dr. Dilip Sarkar, Chairman, Taksha Institute School of Integrative Medicine (SIM), and featured in this Huffpost issue on Healthy Living. Dr. Sarkar had the firsthand experience with the benefits of Yoga Therapy soon after he recovered from a heart attack in 2001. And now at the age of 65, in addition to teaching and lecturing on yoga therapy in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area and around the world, he practices 25 minutes of asanas, 25 minutes of pranayama, and 10 minutes of meditation every morning! While talking about the advantages of yoga therapy, he said that people who practise the asanas every day have effortlessly and automatically changed their lifestyle. “They eat better, sleep better, their lifestyle is more regulated.”


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